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Počet vytištěných plnobarevných stran ve formátu A4 od načítání této stránky:
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FAQ - časté orázky

1. What does it mean "powered by Memjet?”

It means that the device utilizes Memjet's breakthrough printing technology including a page-wide, A4 printhead that can print a full color page in just one second, as well as ink, a controller chip and printing software. Memjet is a valuable “in-brand” that helps OEM partners differentiate themselves in the market with an entirely new class of printers. This new class of printers bears the special logo mark: “Powered by Memjet”

2. Isn't the Evojet Office just the same as other Memjet partners’ printers?

Memjet has created a common reference system that Lomond and other Memjet partners have leveraged in order to help accelerate time-to-market, but there are differences. Lomond has special software that optimizes color printing on a compelling range of Lomond papers and gives office customers many exciting options for creating high value color office documents like sales presentation flyers and brochures. In the future as Lomond expands the Evojet office product line, you will see Lomond products become increasingly unique in their design and features.

3. Are the ink cartridges chipped? Why doesn't Lomond provide their own ink at a lower price?

Because the Lomond EvoJet Office is powered by Memjet, it uses Memjet Formula Ink, which is uniquely designed to optimize both print quality and the integrity of the Memjet printhead.The QA chips ensure that only Lomond ink tanks and printheads work in an Evojet Office system and not the aftermarket consumables of other global partners.

Lomond is working with our partners to embrace the refill of Evojet cartridges with Real Memjet ink, thus providing lower running costs to our customers and a higher quality more environmentally friendly printing experience. We think that customers and channel partners have been waiting for a legitimate, high quality way to lower consumables costs and that this an idea whose time has come.

4. Who is Lomond?

Lomond Trading Ltd. is an international company headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man. Established in 1996 as an original equipment manufacturer, the company is targeting the developing markets of the CIS and Eastern Europe. Today, the fast growing company’s business is focused mainly on producing high-quality OEM-compatible media and cartridges for office and large-format digital printing. All the company’s products are Lomond-branded. For more information, please visit www.lomond.ru.

5. Why haven't we heard of you before? How do I know you are for real?

Lomond was established in 1996 in the UK and is the dominant supplier of consumer and some specialty media in Russia with over 70% market share. Lomond has manufacturing and paper converting facilities and is distributed in over xxx outlets. We are working very closely with our Pan European partners to deliver great products and experiences around the Evojet Office product.

6. This is only a single function printer? What about MFP's?

While we believe this printer will provide compelling value to especially small and medium-sized businesses, we know we are just at the beginning of a revolution in office printing. You will see new printer options from Lomond evolve and expand over time.

7. How will refill be offered to customers?

Memjet’s office printing technologies feature a “green” design to support ink refill programs that encourage ink cartridge re-use and keep plastics out of landfills, while saving end-users money. Memjet is working with Lomond to implement an ink refill program for its customers utilizing Lomond’s distribution channels and expertise in the marketplace.

8. Why doesn't Memjet introduce its own printers?

Memjet's focus is to create compelling new components and core technologies. By partnering with OEM brands we are able to stay focused on producing invaluable core components. We believe this strategy will help us achieve global scale and deliver higher value solutions much swifter and more effectively. We work with OEMs and brands that bring a combination of unique sales and marketing expertise and a desire to create a compelling new market position with differentiated products and business models.

9. To Memjet: Why Lomond?

Lomond has deep experience in color science and printing but approaches the business from the perspective of a media provider. Their commitment to reusable/refillable cartridges is refreshing and also very important to Memjet. Lomond has created a successful set of distribution partnerships and we are excited to see them succeed across Europe and Russia.

Oficiální program recyklace inkoustových zásobníků. Díky programu renovace inkoustových zásobníků můžete snížit náklady na tisk o 40% bez snížení kvality tisku. Prázdné náplně je možné znovu naplnit v autorizovaném centru.

Nízká spotřeba elektrické energie Vám sníží náklady na tisk až o 400 EUR ročně v porovnání s běžnou laserovou tiskárnou. Spotřeba elektrické energie během tisku je 30.2w, spotřeba elektrické energie běžné laserové tiskárny je deset násobně vyšší.

Vysoká efektivita tiskárny Lomond Evojet Office s rychlostí tisku 60 plnobarevných stran za minutu Vám sníží provozní náklady a čas. 200 stránkový dokument vytisknete v plné barvě bez okrajů za 3 minuty. Podpora manuálního duplexu nebo tisk bookletů Vám stejně zefektivní Vaše náklady na tisk.

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