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Lomond EvoJet Office - самый быстрый струйный принтер
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Really fast inkjet printer! Printed pages count while reading this webpage:
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Use the ICC profile and get the best color reproduction on your desktop printer!

The ICC profile is a data description of the characteristics of the color spectrum of each device, such as a monitor, printer, or a scanner, so that the colors are displayed on all devices as they should actually look like.

manual for installation of ICC profiles

Reviews of revolutionary printer Lomond Evojet Office

Testovali sme najrýchlejšiu atramentovú tlačiareň

Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: Not just the fastest printer we`ve tested, the EvoJet Office produces quality prints for peanuts. It`s the future of inkjet printing

Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: The EvoJet Office is best suited to undemanding workloads, and its paper-handling features are basic, but in other regards it`s in a different league to competing inkjets and colour lasers

Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: Even at truly amazing speeds, this inkjet produces great results with low running costs

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