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Lomond Evojet Office 2 printer - official promo video

Lomond Evojet Office printer - official promo video

Reviews of revolutionary printer Lomond Evojet Office

Testovali sme najrýchlejšiu atramentovú tlačiareň


Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: Not just the fastest printer we`ve tested, the EvoJet Office produces quality prints for peanuts. It`s the future of inkjet printing


Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: The EvoJet Office is best suited to undemanding workloads, and its paper-handling features are basic, but in other regards it`s in a different league to competing inkjets and colour lasers


Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: Even at truly amazing speeds, this inkjet produces great results with low running costs


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